Blank line after code block

Steps to reproduce

Create an item with a code block, e.g.:

```Lorem ipsum```

Expected result

The block renders, and any following items are placed directly below it.

Actual result

There is an empty line after the code block. The empty line is not present if there is any trailing text, e.g.:

```Lorem ipsum``` dolor sit amet

See the following:


Windows 10 Chrome.

Additional information

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Additional comments

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Can repro, will take a look soon. Thanks for the bug report!

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Should be fixed in latest update.

Can confirm it’s fixed for me.

After the update the syntax highlighting in code blocks is now much more muted though. Was this an intentional change?

I don’t think we changed syntax highlighting at all.

Could you send me a screenshot along with the code, so I can try to repro?

Here’s the item contents:

````Jayden object: ${JSON.stringify(object)}`);```

In the previous version it showed lots of colors, now only the words “object” are highlighted.

I also now see a “copy” button when I hover over a code block which I don’t remember seeing previously (I could be mistaken).

Oh! I just realized that for some reason the backticks have now disappeared!

It seems the fix for No way to escape backticks has caused a regression in code blocks (@Shida).

Yes, that’s a new feature, but it shouldn’t affect the syntax highlighting.

Most likely it’s a regression bug like you pointed out. Good catch!

Found the problem, will be fixed next release.

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