Biographical Questions

I’m working on writing a biography / tribute to my parents. As my parents get older, I want to capture their life’s story for our kids :slight_smile:

I’ve been capturing questions questions in Dynalist, which I then ask my parents and record their answers

For anyone attempting to do the same thing, I’ve been using:


That’s beautiful!

Did you come up with the questions all by yourself?

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Nope, they are compiled from a lot of different sources that I found off of a DDG search :slight_smile:

Some of my sources:


For Android users, it’s quite simple to record calls and save them without using an external, money-costing service; at least, it was when I set it up several years ago to put pressure on a shady car dealer.

I used the app Easy Voice Recorder, which includes a Tasker plugin. I set up Tasker to automatically record calls to and from specified phone numbers.

If you don’t want to be sneaky, it’s even easier: just call the person, tell them what you’re up to, and start Easy Voice Recorder. Other apps will probably work just as well.


It won’t work on some devices, notably HTC and some Huawei phones, but if you’re rooted, it shouldn’t matter.

I’ve used ACR and even bought to pro version, in case someone doesn’t want to use Tasker. It’s worked reliably for me most time, although sometimes a file has corrupted on occasion.

Thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile: I’ll probably end up using one of these apps as well. Like they say: “Two is One, and One is None” :wink:

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