Big "Plus" button for both iOS and desktop versions

A big “Plus” button would facilitate collecting ideas and things much easier!


What does the plus button do? Add a new file? This sounds like what Google calls a floating action button and could potentially be achieved with a custom theme.

No, add a new items in the inbox.
What do you mean to achieve it with a custom theme?

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What about the Android version? would love to have this.

I definitely would like an easier way to add items to lists in iOS. Perhaps I’m missing something but it’s a bit cumbersome to quickly add items and use Dynalist as my main to-do list.
Thank you!

We’ll have to think about this.

WorkFlowy updated their app to include a big, colored plus button, and the feedback is neutral to negative. It’s quite distracting when the rest of the UI just tries to fade out and stay out of the way.

Let’s see if there’s a better way to capture quickly that’s also minimally distracting.

So if the last item in my inbox is a link I added with the iOS extension it is almost impossible to add something below it without accidentally clicking the link and opening the web browser to that page. I hope some kind of a solution can be found quickly because this is very infuriating!

Some suggestions, other than a big colored plus button:

  • Place a “lock” button in the toolbar with a small monocolored plus button, between the lock button and the three vertical dots. (I never use the lock button, so I would even be happy to just replace it with a plus button.)
  • make it so that a long press anywhere on the screen adds a new item
  • add a plus button to the list header
  • add a monochrome toolbar at the bottom of the screen with a plus symbol in the middle. This disappears when the keyboard is activated and functions as a giant, but discrete, plus button.

Hi @Kerim, sorry for the late reply, have you scrolling to the very bottom of the document and tapping on the big empty space at the bottom? That should place your cursor right at the end of the last item. At that point, tapping Enter should be all you need to do to create an item.

I just tested it and it seems to work. I might be missing something though, as it clearly sounds a big issue to your workflow.

Either way, we really want to resolve the issue! Let me know if my suggestion helps.

I did not know about that! But still, I don’t see it as ideal.

Writing a new entry takes multiple steps, the first one involving quite a bit of swiping:

  1. Scroll to the bottom (could take a while for long outlines, I just opened one and I had to swipe 8 times)
  2. Tap empty space
  3. Hit return

Total: 10 actions to start typing


  1. tap “plus” button

Total: one action to start typing

Please read this piece by Craig Mod if you haven’t already…

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Here’s an idea. If the concern is that having a plus button will get in the way, how about having it disappear after someone starts scrolling (or after a set amount of time)? That is, I open a new outline, and there is a big bright plus button I can hit to start typing, but if I start scrolling or doing something else, it goes away? This seems like a good compromise between your concerns about a minimally distracting interface, and the concerns of those who want to be able to just open an outline and start typing without wasting a lot of time fiddling around with swiping, tapping, etc. It also makes some sense to me, since if I’m scrolling around reading the outline, I probably don’t need to immediately add a new line.

Hi Kerim,

Thanks for the suggestion, it solves some of the concerns but not all of it.

For your use case, do you want this behavior for all your lists, or is having a way to quick capture to your inbox location useful enough?

I would want this in all of my lists. It is the longer lists where it is most important for me and I keep my inbox small, filing things away regularly.

I was thinking if a 3D touch quick action to capture to inbox can solve your use case, but it looks like a no then.

Not for me.

Linking to this related thread: Plus button to add new task

We’ll see if this feature request can get more attention (likes or comments). Right now there are only 2 likes for this post during the 2 two years, and 2 other likes in the post you linked. Honestly, it seems like only a pretty small group of users are having this issue.

Meanwhile, I checked out WorkFlowy’s app, because I remember they have this plus button. Interestingly, it adds an item at the top of the tree, not the bottom, and I couldn’t find a setting to change the new item position to the bottom. Their choice was indeed a little weird.

Please give us some more time to think about this. I think this button should belong to the top bar, along with undo/redo, search, lock mode, but it’s pretty crowded right now. Maybe we can make that bar customizable as well. We’ll see.