Big "Plus" button for both iOS and desktop versions


A big “Plus” button would facilitate collecting ideas and things much easier!


What does the plus button do? Add a new file? This sounds like what Google calls a floating action button and could potentially be achieved with a custom theme.


No, add a new items in the inbox.
What do you mean to achieve it with a custom theme?


What about the Android version? would love to have this.


I definitely would like an easier way to add items to lists in iOS. Perhaps I’m missing something but it’s a bit cumbersome to quickly add items and use Dynalist as my main to-do list.
Thank you!


We’ll have to think about this.

WorkFlowy updated their app to include a big, colored plus button, and the feedback is neutral to negative. It’s quite distracting when the rest of the UI just tries to fade out and stay out of the way.

Let’s see if there’s a better way to capture quickly that’s also minimally distracting.