Bible notes in dynalist

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If anybody is interested, I have created two folders of the old and new testament KJV bible in dynalist. I can now do the following with ease among others:

  • Think of a few words in a verse in the bible and with [[ type them out. All the verses with those words I have typed show up, making it easy for me to create an embed of the verse I am looking for in the notes.
  • Directly type a quote verse by starting with the [[ and, boom! the verse pops up for me to embed in the notes.
    I noticed that this provision was not anywhere on the internet, so I decided to start this thread to inspire those who use the bible and dynalist. Let’s post away!

post the share link

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For some reason, I do not know how to do this. Maybe because the free version does not do this.

Free can do it.

Right click the document
Checkmark this and the URL should appear, which you can copy and paste to here