Better tag selection in mobile

Steps to reproduce

I type

#m<enter> #p<enter>

I dont have any tags starting with m. I do have tags starting with p, but notably one that only is the letter p.

Expected result

The hash search window pops up, nothing selected, and on enter it closes. I have #m. The hash search opens again, filtering on p’s, #p is selected (or else a thing starting with p) and closes. I have

  #m #p

Actual result

The above happens but I have

#e #e

Which appears to be an arbitrary tag from my tag list that was default selected ignoring what I typed. It seems better if I type a second letter but it would be nice if typing one letter gave a filtered list.


Iphone safari. No scrripts.

Additional information

Of note, link typing similarly waits too long to do its things. There is no popup until the second letter in typing:


Additional comments

To be honest, I would prefer no tags are selected unless I tap one. As is, to create a new tag i need to type and then pick a place onscreen to tap away.

That seems to be indeed a bug with iOS’s keyboard, will try to fix soon.

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