Better search for nodes when linking

When I add a link to another note, sometimes I cannot find the right entry via the popup when entering [[ since it seems that it’s doing a full-text search on every note. Is there a way to specify the node in a tree manually, e.g. in my example I want to link to entry ‘E’ but I want to specify which entry named ‘E’, e.g. by entering “Test > A > B > E” or at least the parent. So a solution would be to enable filtering by node, e.g. [[@Test@C E would just perform a search for ‘E’ only on nodes in the tree under ‘Test’ → ‘C’. A real-world example would be that I have a Node ‘Journal’ where I have subnodes for each day. Often I want to link from a other node to the current date but it’s hard to find the Jornal → current day node using ‘[[’. Is something like this already implemented? If not, maybe others would find it valuable, too.