Better Dynalist Log-in integration with Notion embedded bookmarks

So this is less of an issue in a browser but Notion’s desktop app and I assume their mobile app logs you out of Dynalist and you can’t easily click the Google log-in because…well it puts you in pop-up hell.

This could be fixed by having a special shared link just for embeds.

It’s tricky because the embeds loads the mobile version of DynaList which isn’t as optimal but it has the added advantage of creating “Workflowy” - centered pages where specific pages don’t have to be bogged down by the sidebar of DynaList while also adding a page that has features of Notion which creates better focused work and alternatively fixes Notion’s outlining issues.

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How to embed a two way sync in notion?
I have tried everything and dynalist is the best for organizing thoughts.
Notion is better and sharing and sheparding bigger projects.
Then there is adding a gantt chart, but that is another matter!!

How to embed the two way sync in notion.
Editing the dynalist does not need to be shared.
Is it just a visual bookmark “web bookmark”
I tried that and dynalist wont log in while i’m in the notion app tho im logged in. Maybe it works better in the notion webpage? nope, tried that… maybe brave browser shields?
nope, shields down, dynalist not passing to notion in the notion browser version nor app version.

ok other /commands?
code snippet? i dont see how
embed link, just shows a link

gosh, how to embed a dynalist
so that you can see it on notion app or browser
and it would be great if it sync’d at least from dynalist to notion

and even better if you could update on notion and it would show in dynalist


I still haven’t figured out how to embed a dynalist with notion embedded bookmark
Can anyone help?

For some reason my last post didn’t make it through.

In Notion, type /e which should show embed. Paste the dyna-link.