Better calendar integration?

It’s a revelation to even be able to have any calendar integration in Dynalist (former Workflowy-ist here), but my problem is that when I zip into and out of lists and schedule my dates, there’s no way to consult an accurate representation of my schedule as I go (since the calendar sync is not realtime or 2-way).

I’m now looking into Todoist, which has real-time, 2-way Google calendar integration that works really well.

It’s not too feasible to do a lot of scheduling within Dynalist when I have no way to see in realtime what my schedule is to avoid overlaps.

Is this something for which improved integration is on the docket?


I’m also running into this need. +1.

Would be nice. Being able to look at my calendar and drag a Dynalist event to another date would be excellent.

Really like to click on date in Dynalist and delete due / reminder with an click or even better that it can be done for multi nodes

I’d love to access multiple calendars. Some tasks I’d give a date and review periodically (e.g. review if I’m sticking to a certain habit), other tasks I’d want on an ‘urgent to-do’ calendar, some may be reminders about events or people to contact etc. A bit too unorganised to try and fit it all in one calendar.

i have yet to get my calendar integration working, i thought i had set it up correctly but so far nothing has happened. i am still unsure if the cost of the pro function is worth it for me , i have had moderate success with some of the things but its a lot of money each month.