Bad scroll behavior

Steps to reproduce

It only happened just now, I don’t know how to make it always happen.

At the end of my document are two items. The last item is empty.
I have the cursor at the second last item, and I type cursor-down. The document scrolls so the last item is not visible. This also happens if I mouse-click the text area of the last item.

My only option from here is either to blindly type, or use the scrollbar to put this back on-screen.

This seems not to happen if the last item is not empty.

This happened before the latest update. I updated to the latest. It still happens.

Okay, so I scrolled way down so there’s a lot of blank space visible at the bottom. Each time I type cursor-up cursor-down, the document scrolls about 2 or 3 lines so the text is closer to the bottom.

Maybe it’s connected to the back links I have below all this.

That is weird. Up/Down does not scroll my document whatsoever, it just moves the cursor.

I do have a scrolling issue when I check off items. It does a little animation to close up the spot but it basically moves the document down twice. Annoying but not annoying enough to complain about. It might be due to my Custom CSS.

It’s probably too late but if you could record a video of the behavior that would help a lot. Let me know if you find a way to run into the problem again.

it’s not happening any more.

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