Backup Service for Outages

I think all of us understand that despite how hard Erica and Shida work, outages will sometimes happen. It would be nice, though, if during them, there was a fallback service on a redundant system. We could then access a cached/backup copy of our Dynalist, perhaps just as a download of OPML+Text files or something.


It would also be useful if there was a outage/status page somewhere that could show if an outage is happening and host updates about restoring service.

Here are a couple pages to demo the functionality:

It could be a simple HTML page hosted on S3 or something similar, to make sure it’s always available and hosted separately from the main page.

Edit: A status page now exists! Thanks Dynalist team! -

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Sorry for the late reply but thanks for noticing it!

We put it after the outage back in January :blush: