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Interesting! :wink:


Oh you found it! Haven’t released our monthly release notes yet but yeah it’s there! :smiley:


Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh nice guys, how exciting - very nice for linking tasks to project :slight_smile:

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Oh my word :heart_eyes:

off to think about the impact of this on my setup

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With Show Backlinks enabled, is it possible to hide the divider and “No backlinks found.” declaration with CSS when there are no results?

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Nice feature, please add this also to the Mac App

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WOW thank you! There is an issue, for me at least: the “This item is referenced in” list should show/hide checked items according to the page Checked Items setting. Actually checked items are always shown.


Thanks for this feature. However, the small circle with the number overlaps the ‘+’ button if ‘Use bullet point to zoom in’ is checked. No issues if this option is left unchecked.

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Thanks for catching that! Looking into it.


FYI a workaround until it’s fixed is to uncheck the setting’ Use bullet to zoom’. The bullet can then be used to Expand/Collapse with the Zoom icon appearing to the left of any back link numbers

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This is a minor bug but I found it after finding random empty nodes around my files which I didn’t remember creating:

Steps to reproduce

  1. Zoom in on an item with no children
  2. Click on the backlinks area - anywhere under the line but not on a backlink item
  3. A new child is created under the zoomed in item

After click:

Expected result
I don’t see a reason why a child should be created in this scenario?

Good work though, changed how I use Dynalist!

ETA: Will Backlinks be coming to the Android app soon?

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Will be fixed in the next web release.

Same as above :slight_smile:

Will be fixed in the next web release! Thanks for catching that.


Thanks for being so on it Erica. Another possible bug: the backlinks display shows the entire note of all items, as far as I can tell, regardless of any note settings - this is very problematic for big notes

Right, that’s something we need to fix too. Could you file a quick bug report for that so we don’t lose track of it?

I also wonder since there are per-document settings for checked items and notes too, which setting should the backlinks comply to? The current document, or the document they actually belong to? Of course it’s my job to figure it out, but would love to hear you ideas too :slight_smile:

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I know what you mean but personally I think the current document that you’re viewing them in - if you’re in that document and you want notes to be collapsed, I think you would want that for backlinks too - plus having it based on the document they actually live in could be very confusing :smiley:


Any idea when we will have this on the desktop? (I’m on Win10)

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