Backing Up / Downloading Images



Using the Backup feature does not back-up images. I see the image URL, resembling , but it requires authentication, and it requires more than simple https basic or digest authentication because this won’t fetch it:
curl -u userid:password

I know you guys plan to be in business forever, but I need to have complete backups, just in case you aren’t.
How can I download/backup images too?


The complete list of uploaded files is in main menu (menu icon at the top right corner) - Upload manager.

For bulk download… I’m not sure yet, could either be done as an addition to the daily backup, or through API.

One concern is that the files can accumulate to pretty big (1 GB per month can add to 12 GB per year), so downloading them all at once might not be realistic.



Just started using Dynalist. I love it so far! :slight_smile:
I would really apprieciate to addition to download images in daily backup. Is there any news on this?