Backing Up / Downloading Images

Using the Backup feature does not back-up images. I see the image URL, resembling , but it requires authentication, and it requires more than simple https basic or digest authentication because this won’t fetch it:
curl -u userid:password

I know you guys plan to be in business forever, but I need to have complete backups, just in case you aren’t.
How can I download/backup images too?


The complete list of uploaded files is in main menu (menu icon at the top right corner) - Upload manager.

For bulk download… I’m not sure yet, could either be done as an addition to the daily backup, or through API.

One concern is that the files can accumulate to pretty big (1 GB per month can add to 12 GB per year), so downloading them all at once might not be realistic.


Just started using Dynalist. I love it so far! :slight_smile:
I would really apprieciate to addition to download images in daily backup. Is there any news on this?


I also vote for export if images. The possibility to include custom images is the main reason why I pay for the Pro version of Dynalist. Often, I could link an image from the web instead, but it is important for me to make sure I never loose the image. The fact that I have no way to extract the images in bulk from Dynalist makes me very uneasy.

It also makes it impossible to migrate/merge different dynalist accounts.

Downloading images as part of the backup would be a solution. A mitigation would be at least including images with export


For sake of space, I’d be good if backup to dropbox put big files in a separate folder and only sent new versions rather than every day backing up additional copies of the big files.


I vote requiring complete backup including images. User wanna get full control over his own digital assets. “Upload manager” is good but what if the dynalist is down. It means the “upload manager” will be unavailable.
Got your point to download bulk attachments might causing bandwidth issue. You may provide features like “download 100 attachments once”, or “downloading uploaded in last 3 days”, etc.


It’s not a bandwidth issue as much as a space issue. Daily backups every day gives a new copy of your list. Can you afford daily extra copies of all the media attachments.

I need to have complete backups too.

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Perhaps it is easier to integrate 3rd-party cloud services than rebuild all the stuff in dynalist?

I see two ways:

  1. Dynalist is using its own structure inside a cloud-service. This should be also understandable when using the cloudservice itselfs.
  2. Dynalist integrates the structure of the cloud. (Disadvantage: User needs to take care about uploaded files.)

+1 would be nice to be able to backup all files (ideally not part of the daily backup), just in case. I’ve lost files before due to imgur deleting them, and do not wish for that to happen again.