'BACK' button keyboard shortcut not working

Steps to reproduce

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Running Dynalist app in Mac OS Sierra. Press the shortcut for ‘go back’ (alt ← according to the tooltip when you hover the mouse over the back arrow)

Expected result

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go back to previous screen

Actual result

Instead of the expected result, what happened?


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Mac Os Sierra 10.12.6

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Additional comments

This is a bug that we’ve fixed and it will be out in the next release, thanks!

Alt+Left/Right is a mistake, the shortuct is Ctrl+Left/Right (Ctrl, not Cmd), as you can see in View - Navigate back/navigate forward. Unfortunately it conflicts with Mission Control’s switch spaces shortcut (who knows), and we’ll fix that!

Hi @Nicholas_Mapstone, sorry for digging this up! We’re cleaning up the bugs and would like to know if the bug is still happening to you? If not we’ll close this bug.

Yes, still no ‘go back’ on alt left arrow

The shortcut is actually Ctrl+Left/Right, mentioned in my Oct 2 post.

The shortcut appears in the “View” menu, and if you click the menu option it works. We’re trying to figure out why the system shortcut doesn’t seem to be working.

Sorry the tooltip shortcut is misleading.

OK, ctrl← doesn’t work, but perhaps that becuase it is used to move between spaces

This is happening to me too. Any fix yet? I would love to navigate back and forth with my keyboard instead of going to the mouse all the time. Thanks!

Not yet but we definitely want to fix it soon!

What’s the most common shortcuts used to go back on Mac? It looks like many key combinations that include Left/Right are already taken by the Mac system defaults, like Ctrl+Left/Right.

How about < back and > for forward?

So by pressing Shift+< and Shift+>? That would type out the < and > character if you’re editing something. Ideally we want a keyboard shortcut that always work, but that might be too hard.

Just had some internal discussion and it seems that we’ll go after what most browsers do: Cmd+Left for going back and Cmd+Right for going forward, provided you’re not editing something.

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This seems to be broken again.

Cmd+Left/Right should work when there’s no focused item. You can remove the focus item by pressing Esc once.

We’re working to make swiping with three fingers work in the future as well.

@Nicholas_Mapstone: could you please confirm the fix I described above? So that I can make this bug as fixed.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, its working as long as I remember to press Esc before ⌥←.

Tempting to set up keyboard maestro macro to add the Esc

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Mac OS allows you to define a custom keyboard shortcut for any menu item. So if you don’t want to press Esc every time, you can set a custom shortcut without a conflict. For instance, you could use ⌘; and ⌘'.