Autocompletion triggers (@, #, !, [[) have stopped working

Steps to reproduce

Type an autocompletion trigger (@, #, ! or [[)

Expected result

It should trigger the corresponding autocompletion (tags, date or link).

Actual result



Kubuntu, Chrome (latest stable and beta) and Firefox

Additional information

I have created a new account just to check if I could reproduce this bug there (the answer is yes).

Additional comments

Thanks for the report!

Looks like the same problem as this one and it’s going to be fixed soon :slight_smile:

I see the same behavior in the Android app.

Update: should be fixed now!

@vibl could you verify?

@Craig_Oliver Android needs to wait for the next release, which we’ll try to get out as soon as we can. Really sorry about this!

Yep, fixed!

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I’m also seeing this same behavior. I have a @Youtube tag. When I open a new document, add some items and type @, I expect to see the autocomplete list. Instead, after a few seconds, a new tag @Y appears in my document and in my all tags list pane. I’m new to Dynalist and coming from Workflowy, so I may be missing something. This also began happening after I imported from Workflowy. I sense the import may have broken something.

Hi Steve,

The “@Y” thing sounds normal, just give it some time to know it’s “Youtube” and not just “Y”.

Another thing is that you might want to enable the “Autocompete tags from all docs” option under Settings - Preferences - Input.