Auto paste link for uploaded file/image

Hello Dynalist team.

When I drop-down image or file in to dynalist it does next actions:

  • It shows that file is being processing
  • After it’s done it show popup window with a link to uploaded document
  • It also select prepared link so I can press ctrl+c copy it
  • After I need to close popup window and then I can paste it

This makes uploading documents a bit harder.
In most cases (from experience of other apps I did use) It just automatically add generated link for you at the cursor position
(github, JIra, this editor that I use to add and feature suggestion )

My suggestion is to add a Setting so user can choose if he want to see popup window and just paste link at the cursor position.

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If I remember correctly there was some technical difficulties that prevented what you described to be done. Obviously what you described is less work for us – not having to deal with the popup and stuff.

When you paste a screenshot, for example, Dynalist does what you expect.

We should be able to improve this after WYSIWYG is in place. Sorry about that!