Auto-detect URLs without http prefix

Currently URLs like are auto-detected and turned into a link, but it would be great if even URLs like (without http suffix) were auto-detected too (just like they are in this forum system).

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We thought about this, and thought it’s easier to make mistakes (false positives) that way. Especially with all the new top level domains nowadays (.games, .club, etc.).

Maybe if we only auto-detect popular TLDs like .com, .net, .org?

By the way, you can always use the [link title](link url) format without http prefix. Admittedly that’s more work than just pasting the link though. (We also noticed that if you paste a link from the browser, the http/https part is automatically included. This is part of the reason we went with the current design.)

I still type various URLs by hand, and when I paste I might even delete the http protocol to make it cleaner (because when taking many notes I just don’t bother to convert to markdown syntax).

So yes at least the “easy” ones could be supported. Otherwise you could defer the issue to some library which already takes care of the issue, e.g NPM Autolinker. Or refer to its list of TLDs.

Of course nothing critical, just a suggestion. Keep up the good work :slight_smile: