Auto Caps not working Mac OS

How do I activate the setting for auto capitalization for the first word in sentences and single letter words like “I”? There is no automation for this in the offline version.

Hmm, not sure I understood what you’re referring to. Is “Auto Caps” a built-in feature of macOS?

It’s a basic feature on any platform. For example, I’m on my phone right now and the first word of each sentence that I’m typing right now automatically had the first letter capitalized; but on Mac it doesn’t do this.

So in summary, any letter that should be capitalized in a sentence isn’t done automatically as I type while using Mac. Every other app on my Mac works as expected though.

Does this feature work on all web pages, including the Dynalist web app?

It doesn’t do it on all web pages, but apps like Microsoft word, Evernote, etc. it will do it for.

In that case, I’m sorry to say Dynalist doesn’t have such a setting. Sorry!