Auto capitalize option

This feature would capitalize the first letter of each new sentence.

Google Docs has this feature. Personally I hate hitting the shift key. And want to type as fast as possible. So this could help.

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I also like this feature – everywhere :slight_smile: So I run this AutoHotkey script all the time. Now I have auto-capitalization even on this forum. Or in my email. Or in Notepad :slight_smile:

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I support this too.
Outliners and powertaggers like DL are used for powertyping/listing - at least for me. I want to worry least possible about layout and just be able to jump right into writing.
Capitalizing does indeed increase readability so I don’t like to skip it either.

I hate auto-capitalization. Please make it an option, not a normal behavior. On the IOS app, auto-capitalization occurs at the start of every new bullet. Is this a function of the app or IOS or the keyboard? I’d like to somehow turn it off.

This appears to be a function of the app/website on iOS. I was able to turn off auto-capitalization elsewhere in iOS (such as the Notes app), even for an external keyboard, by turning off this option in two places in Settings> General> Keyboard in the Settings app of my iPad.