Arrows for navigation in file pane (for moving through documents)

is there any way how to navigate through items in file pane (e.g. through documents, tags) without using mouse (with some shortcut + arrow etc.)? I am using mac app.

In Things app, I used cmd+alt+ctrl + arrow and could browse up or down through individual projects. Could I do something similar in Dynalist without using mouse?

Thanks a lot

While not specifically to “browse” the file pane, you can use CMD+O to Search through the files/documents and bookmarks and quickly navigate from there (especially after filtering with a few letters)

Thanks for your help. Yes, I know about cmd+O, yet I would be interested in browsing on top of it - it is convenient in some scenarios (e.g. review of your projects), especially when you use documents as project holders (=many short documents). So I will suggest it as a feature. Thanks again.

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Hi @Daneb1,

Yes, Matthew is correct about how Dynalist currently handles it.

So that shortcut would go to the previous or next item with regard to the currently open document?

Yes, (Things use different terminology - projects instead of documents) - you go to next/previous project(document) in the row, as you sorted them in the panelist (starting from where you are)

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I see, thanks for the clarification. We’ll definitely put this idea on the backburner and think about it!