Archived documents

If I archive a document, I see that it removes document from global search. If I just want to use an archived document locally (desktop) will I then be charged additional fees if document is larger (currently 6.3 MB) thank you in advance for your answer.

Nobody is charged additional fees for anything, just the flat Pro fee.

Thank you. I am pasting a 220 page google doc. As new item in dynalist.

That should work. I would recommend formatting it in Google Docs first, to remove any headings and extra new lines. Take advantage of the Find & Replace function to replace unwanted things in bulk with nothing. And paste a dozen pages at a time if pasting it all at once freezes up.

Dynalist will run it’s parsing and formatting algorithm when you paste, turning links and bolds to markdown, stripping most other formatting, and each new line into a new item.