Apply color to multi-level selection

Steps to reproduce

Create a 2-level list



Highlight the three item
Set color red by keyboard shortcut

Expected result

All highlighted item become red

Actual result

Just the first level become red



Additional information

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Additional comments

Hi Chris, some attributes don’t pass down to children as you select them, so to color all of them, please color A first, and then multi-select B and C.

The reasoning is that otherwise there’s no way to color only A, as selecting A will always select B and C as well, in an hierarchical world.

Of course, people have different opinions on this. For example, this is a poll for checklist behavior: Should making a checklist affect only direct children or all levels or children? This question can be asked about all other operators as well: color labels, headings, etc.

We still haven’t gotten a conclusion on how to properly distinguish between selecting both parent and children and only the parent (the children are part of the parent, so they will look selected as well). For the time being, we’ll keep it as is.