Apple Silicon / M1 support

Hi @Erica and @Shida,

I hope you are well and had a great start into 2021!
I’ve recently purchased a Apple M1 macbook and thus use ARM64 over x86_x64.
Would it be possible to compile the desktop app using electron’s universal binary export so it doesn’t need to be emulated?

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We might need to update Electron in order to do that, will look into it, thanks for the heads-up!

(We haven’t updated Electron in a long time, so it might not be that straight-forward :sweat_smile:)


Any updates on this @Erica?

I guess it’s coming inevitably since it’s just an electron update, so it’s all a moot point BUT just curious did you notice any difference with arm64 chrome dynalist vs rosetta electron dynalist? I poked around a bit and both seem the same speed on my M1, even the laggier action like move-to search seems the same latency. my documents are kinda small so maybe im not stressing it enough to notice tho.

I think we’ll get around to doing this eventually, but we’re fairly overloaded with a few challenging things happening in life and I’m honestly kinda scared upgrading electron across so many versions at once, with backward compatibility and auto-update in mind. I will definitely look into an upgrade when we get more bandwidth though.


Typing lags a little for me – I have quite huge documents. In the browser there is no lag, so I’d expect it’s due to x86 code.

Any update on this issue? :slight_smile:

it was mentioned in discord yesterday
still a TBD

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