Apple Pencil

It would be great to be able to use the Apple Pencil, and its handwriting conversion tool Scribble, in Dynalist. Would really be a boost to brainstorming on the iPad.
Is there any chance of this feature being added in the near future?
Thank you.


Until then, consider OneNote as a sidekick to dynalist. You can directly hyperlink to onenote pages from dynalist, and apple pencil is fully supported in the browser version of onenote. OneNote can also directly hyperlink to dynalist documents and items. I personally use them in conjunction from my macbook using the “sidecar” feature that makes the ipad into a second monitor.

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply. Your suggestion sounds interesting, but I am not sure it would work for me. I would really like to brainstorm directly in Dynalist.
Thanks anyway - and if native Apple Pencil compatibility doesn’t arrive soon, I may give it a try.

What other apps have flowing, formatted, editable text combined with apple pencil drawing, though?
I’ve only ever come across OneNote, and it is quite the software project.
Everything else is more of an art app that sometimes happens to have a text box button, where editing that text is super cumbersome.
If you’ve used OneNote you see how complex of an app it is. It’s a free-form, syncing, canvas of self-expanding text areas that anchor themselves to certain drawing lines, and not others, based on some intelligent algorithms to make it all work. It’s a miracle of programming.
I would guess it takes 100 software engineers to support OneNote, whereas Dynalist is 2 part-time engineers.
But that’s not really the issue I see.
Dynalist is really an n-dimentional array of text items. That rigid core hierarchical structure is why people like me love it.
You wouldn’t be able to draw across multiple items in the list, because where would the drawing follow when you re-sort the list?
OneNote solves the problem by not having any of the sorting/inserting power that dynalist has. It just lets everything be free-form and you have to manually use you mouse to move anything.
If you like apple pencil and manually edited lists, OneNote is your app. If you like strict hierarchy and the power/snappiness that gives you, Dynalist is you app. Luckily everything on the internet is hyperlinkable to there’s no reason to be stuck in one app.
But I just don’t see how Dynalist, philosophically, can ever support freeform drawing beyond an image constrained to one item.

Oh I missed where you mentioned scribble. Dynalist totally supports scribble. Anywhere the iOS keyboard works, scribble works, as I understand it.

One thing I like to do sometimes is paste my dynalist list into onenote and then free-form edit it with the pencil, crossing things out, arrows, notes, etc, to finish editing it there. Then I can screenshot it to bring it back into dynalist as an image. Or hyperlink to the page.