I know this is already in Trello, but I couldn’t find a discussion on it.

  1. Is there a ballpark ETA?
  2. Is there anything you can tell us about how it will work and what capabilities we will have?

Sorry for the late reply!

By mid-2017 we should begin working on it.

It should of course allow the most basic things you do in Dynalist (e.g. insert item), and we’ll go from there.

Before starting working on it, we plan to open a new category for developers/API and gather feedback over there :slight_smile:


I can’t change the title of this topic from “Api” to “API” for some reason… oh well.


Hi! I just discovered Dynalist. Is this still the right place to discuss the API feature? I can’t find any way to comment on the task in trello.

I just wanted to check whether the API will be implemented in GraphQL? In 2018 it looks like the de-facto way to go for me. Out of the box you’ll have a GraphiQL interface with automatic schema documentation, strong type system, and it will automatically allow integration within the GraphQL tooling ecosystem. On top of that it would make it easy to use Dynalist as a backend for front-end static site generators like Gatsby. Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated, thanks and keep up the good work :slight_smile:

This thread: Gathering API v0.1 ideas Or the developer sub-forum is the place to go right now, but this time is fine!

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll need to look into GraphQL a bit more in order to decide. From a quick look it seems promising.

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