API for creating a document?

The API is very well thought out! Maybe I am missing it, but is there an API for creating a new document?

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Huh now that you mention it, that’s true! I’m totally surprised I haven’t seen anyone mention this ever since we had the API…

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Great to hear that this is an oversight and not intentional! Looking forward to an update that includes this feature.

Hello! I’ve faced with it in third-party Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.louiskirsch.quickdynalist&reviewId=gp:AOqpTOFGD97iBk3Bb2HFBFh-_B_9C_upJW-b9M17rbMP1TRi59rJsIqhJwEcPb-OPIQr-VPKsTzqV98NdsZlzWI