API /file/list returns invalid root_file_id

When I post a /file/list request, I get the json result same as the example in the apidocs, but the root_file_id is incorrect. There is no item that has that id in the files list.

It seems that the last item in the files list is the actual root folder (I can list all the documents/folders recursively from this item). The id of this folder, however, is different from the root_file_id.

    "_code": "Ok",
    "root_file_id": "<non existent file id>",
    "files": [


            "id": "<root folder id>",
            "title": "Untitled",
            "type": "folder",
            "permission": 4,
            "collapsed": false,
            "children": [
                "<child file id>"

Manipulations to the root_file_id (e.g., trying to move the document into this folder) cause the server error. The response is as follows:

    "_code": "InternalError",
    "_msg": "A server error occured",
    "_v": 9,
    "_mv": 7,
    "_b": "20180723004758"

This may be not a bug, but a problem that is happening only in my account. I’m sorry if here is not the right place to report.

So sorry for the late reply! We’ve been doing an office move recently.

@Shida: can you take a look at this please?

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help me.
I hope the issue is merely a data inconsistency in my account and can be solved easily.

Hey there, it turned out to be a simple code error where we’ve sent a different id instead of the root file’s ID. I’ll have a fix ready for this and it will be live soon.

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Thank you very much for your help.
I’ll be waiting for the bug to be fixed.