API document read doesn't return node indexes

Here’s a sample node I get back from an API request:

  "id": "uCoBG7ONsEDzIkJH57Uk1234",
  "content": "insert content here",
  "note": "",
  "created": 1543381791234,
  "modified": 1543381931234,
  "children": []

I figure I can process nodes into trees using their children, but without an ‘index’ value (that is, the order of the items), I’ll end up with a jumbled list with no order. I know this data exists because you can modify it using the ‘move’ command.

Without the ability to order the items in the same way they appear in Dynalist, my use case is impossible.

After posting this, I realized that the children lists are in the correct order, and you can get the order of the root items by looking at the ‘root’ node’s ‘children’ list. This solves my issue. I’m leaving this topic in case anyone in the future has the same confusion.