API access to node meta data

Many thanks for getting the API out! Can’t wait to start playing with that.

I was wondering whether there is already any way to access/modify information about headers, colors, checklist etc already, or whether this is planned in the near future. I’m using colors as “next action” markers, and being able to access all next actions via the API would be awesome.

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@Erica Sorry for bothering you with this, but I’m really curious what the plans for your great API are. I’m already using it via IFTTT webhooks as efficient inbox. However, with access to all meta data (colors, headings, checklist status, etc) my plan would be to write a little android widget showing the tasks of the day. That would be pretty terrific. :smiley:


You App-Idea sounds freaking awesome! I am waiting for an Android-Widget since I began using Dynalist :slight_smile:

Besides that, can you explain how you got Dynalist + webhooks to work? I am a total beginner in this topic.