Anyone wanting multi-pane split screen desktop view of dynalist should try the Arc Browser

It offer the ability to split screen dynalist many times. Something i always wanted from the official app.
I don’t use the browser for anything else than dynalist and google calendar.

Yeah split screen view is great.

Here’s some more options since not everyone can switch browser easily :

Yeah, big fan of Arc Browser and I do find myself doing split-screen like you suggest BUT, it’s still not the same as a native solution since you can’t drag-and-drop between the panes. Copy-and-paste is okay, but it’s not quite as frictionless or quick.

As per my knowledge
You can achieve split-screen functionality with Dynalist, a feature absent in the official app, by using a browser. Since you only use the browser for Dynalist and Google Calendar, this setup shouldn’t interfere with your workflow. It allows you to view and work with multiple Dynalist documents simultaneously, fulfilling a long-awaited need for many users.
I hope this will help you,
Thank you