Android voice transcription suggestions dropdown is blank

Steps to reproduce

In dark theme
Use voice to input content.
Content is input correctly into the list
Some words are underlined where google is less sure of transcription.
Click on one of the underlined words to view other transcription options

Expected result

I expect to see a dropdown with transcription suggestions

Actual result

I see a dropdown with transcription suggestions but it is white on white: No suggestions are visible but I can still click on them.


Android app on pixel 2

Additional information

Also reproducible in default theme.

Additional comments

Got a similar complaint a while back, and if I remember correctly there’s no much we can do to fix this, as we didn’t render that dropdown, Android did. And somehow the text in the dropdown is white on white or black on black and is totally unreadable.

Some links from my previous research:!topic/play/PvrlzKcH-Uc