Android version update

When will the latest Dynalist version be available for Android? The last update was in November of last year.

I don’t think the app store date is indicative of updates. That’s just the container called Electron. It’s like a browser app, that fullscreen defaults to dynalists website, plus some offline shenanigans. All of dynalists functionality is stored as small javascript/css/html files it pulls down from the server when you log in. They do lag the files sent to the app by a week or two, to make it more stable, to let it soak with web users (the beta testers i guess) and see if there are bugs. But everyones Android app was last updated in march or april i’m pretty sure.

From my experience there have been lots of features/fixes that aren’t fixed until the native app is updated. For example, there’s a bug that’s been fixed for over a month on web that’s still present on Android: Collapsing item on mobile not getting synced to web.

Would be good to get confirmation from @Shida on this.

Will be doing the apps shortly.

Just a quick update, Erica has fallen sick since last Wednesday and we still haven’t deployed the mobile apps yet, apologies for the delay!
(Thankfully it’s not COVID-19)