Android updates - is it always a couple of months late?

I’m new to Dynalist, so this may be a normal situation.

We’re 2/3 of the way through September, and the Dynalist app in the Android Play Store says “Last updated Jul 8, 2021”, which as far as I can tell is the June update (as listed on The Dynalist Blog). That means that what I have is 2 versions and almost 11 weeks out of date. (I noticed it because I’m experiencing one of the problems fixed with the July update.)

Is this normal? Will the July update be pushed out soon?

The play store date is misleading. Think of that like your browser - you can have an old browser and still look at new websites. That’s the date the engine last got updated. Low level stuff that users generally don’t notice gets stored in the store server. The new features are all javascript stored on the dynalist server and the older app pulls all the latest mobile updates when you load your first document.

That said, you probably will see 2-3 week delays for new features, since the devs like to test on the browser users first, and if no bugs come in, they update the app. But that store date isn’t the date of the latest update to the mobile app.

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Then I have a problem. I am still experiencing a problem that the Dynalist blog says was fixed in the July update (the fix in the “mobile” section: “Fixed drag and drop to move files in the sidebar would trigger the menu and obscure the view.”). Shouldn’t that fix have propagated to my phone? There are no updates in the Play Store, and all my files have synced to the Dynaliat server.

Oh, I don’t know - you can ask Erica and Shida in the chat room


Would’ve been good if this forum had a mobile section so all the mobile stuff can be dumped into their, oh well long too late for that