Android - Quick share to dynalist option

I use Android application and I can Share to Dynalist app.
This action opens app with simple add/cancel form to add to my Inbox.

I want to propose some valuable improvements for that.

When I share with dynalist app in 100% cases I just want to drop it fast to inbox and go back.

But it opens confirmation form and after I click add if navigating to some page.
It takes quite long time to spin up app, click Add and after navigate back to previous application.

I’d love to see some config for mobile app that will make app skip this confirmation and just drop whatever i shared to inbox immediately
Also even better would be If It won’t even open app and I will be navigated back to app that I was using after (if that possible)

That will be even faster capture to inbox.

You should give quick dynalist a try, it offers that and much more (widgets, shortcuts etc)

Check out Quick Dynalist:

@Louis_Kirsch Sorry, I have a lot of security concerns, so I can use only official application

If it makes you feel safer, the app is entirely open-source. You can even compile it yourself.

@Louis_Kirsch And still .
I have a lot security concerns. Some of the I described here: Independent access to Inbox API endpoint

In addition there is no 2FA, and I don’t have much Android experiences to check what this app actually do. And many other conserns

Also Seems It doesn’t solve my issue.
I don’t need new way to look on things or widgest.
I want just click Share with Dynalist on any other application and it just does without any confirmation (ideally even without opening app)

If you chose share with “QuickDynalist” exactly this will happen. :slight_smile:

Much more is possible :smiley:

@FM please understand my concerns why I’m not going to use not original app.
I’ve described a lot of point in my earlier comments.

To some extent I agree with your concerns. Let me know if you have any ideas in addition to the restricted API keys. E.g. how would 2FA look like for API keys?

@Louis_Kirsch Sorry, I mean OAuth authorization for API.

Currently it uses just a generates key. If this one will be stolen you’d never know that until someone will modify you data.

With oauth for API it will requre to stell my account credential to do that which is much harder (and 2FA will help to make this one mostly imposible)
And also with oauth anyone who create application to work with API would need to ask secrets from Dynalist, so Dynalist will know any consumer of data.