Android - Collapse All

I have a large-ish outline. When I open it in the Android Dynalist app, it takes a looong time to scroll down to the bottom. It has many group-level items, so it also takes a looong time to fold the early items when I want to see an item at the end.

Is there a fold-all command for Android?

Or is there a way to mark certain items so that the document will open with them folded?

So sorry for the late reply! This must have fallen through the cracks somehow.

Currently you can use the shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+Period by default), if an external/Bluetooth keyboard is an option.

We’re looking to bring in Expand/collapse all as a custom mobile toolbar option soon. Sorry about the inconvenience for now!

Was this a goal for 2020?

Hello! When the function of “collapse all” will be done in the Android Dynalist app?