Android App's buttons bar not working

Steps to reproduce

Touch any button (Indent, Un-Indent, Zoom etc.) at bottom bar.

Expected result

Button’s action performed.

Actual result

Touching any button (Indent, Un-Indent, Zoom etc.) at bottom bar doesn’t trigger action. It just close keyboard.


Android KitKat 4.4.2.
Android app version 1.0.11 (released at Feb, 23)

Additional information

I’ve already desinstalled and reinstalled app.
Not sure if relevant, but keyboard used is SwiftKey or LG (I think LG keyboard can be a customized Android keyboard). Anyway, actual result is the same.
If I touch Android back button to close keyboard, before touching app’s button, I’ve still got the same result.

Additional comments

Can’t seem to replicate. The buttons all seem to work for me. I’m not exactly on Android 4.4, but I don’t think that would matter.

Just to make sure, you’re editing an item right? The buttons bar needs a “focused” item in order to work. You can see the buttons bar though, so I’d assume you’re focusing on some item at least.

Thanks Erica.
Yeah, I’m editing an item.

Sorry for not following up sooner…

So I’ve only heard about this problem twice, and it should be really easy to notice. More people should report this if it happens everywhere.

The only common thing seems to be you guys are both on KitKat.

Just to get more info, does the same thing happen if you use Dynalist in a web browser like Chrome on your phone, rather than using the app?

That’s all right! :grinning:

No, it doesn’t happen. If I use my phone’s Chrome browser, web app works without any issue.

Thanks a lot!