Android App with dark theme: Problems with reading what you type

Steps to reproduce

Enable dark theme and beginn to write a new entry. While you are typing you cannot read it because the letters are in black on a black backgroud. It is only readable after you pressed return.

Expected result

What do you expect to see after carrying out the steps above?
It should be possible to read while typing, perhaps with using a white font.

Actual result

Instead of the expected result, what happened?
One cannot read when typing


Which operating system are you using? Android 10
Which browser are you using? Android App
If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist? 1.4.11
Are you using any third-party scripts for Dynalist, e.g. PowerPack? No

Additional information

Anything else you think would help our investigation, like a screenshot or a log file? You can drag and drop screenshots to this box. For large amount of text, try putting them into something like Pastebin.

Additional comments

Perhaps it would be usefull if the theme settings of the browser and the app were independent from each other.

That’s really weird. It looks like the default keyboard to me, could you confirm @jewink?

@Shida: please take a look when you can. Thanks!

I am using the Google keyboard (Gboard). I did not yet test a different keyboard.

I’m testing on android with Gboard and I can’t repro this issue.

Does the same happen for you on Chrome or a browser? Do you have any custom CSS applied?

No, I don’t have this issue in Dynalist in the browser (Chrome or Brave) or in any other app I have installed.
Although I have global dark theme enabled in Android and in all apps where possible.
There is no custom CSS applied.

Damn, I’m sorry I’m not of any help here. I’ve tried two android phones with Android 10, GBoard and global dark mode turned on.

If anyone else runs in into this issue please let me know.