Android app - remove need to scroll in button bar

On the Android app, when editing bullets, I need to scroll left/right to reach a feature I want. This can make it ponderous to edit a document.

This could be solved by:

  • soft wrapping button bar options (this would look ugly, but seems easiest to implement)
  • refactoring the button bar to fit in one screen

We made the button bar scrollable because all those actions won’t fit. Not sure how long you’ve used Dynalist for, but in a previous version (not that long ago), the buttons fit in one line, but for many actions you need 2-3 taps instead of 1 to navigate the menu. As the number of features increase, we either have to make the menu scrollable or giving up some of these actions on mobile.

What do you mean by “soft wrapping”? Like having multiple lines of buttons?

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Totally understand why the button bar is currently scrollable.

No idea why I wrote “soft wrap” - just meant “wrap” :smile:
And yep, having multiple lines of buttons.

Maybe have a setting toggle to allow users to have their button bar wrap or not? Food for thought!