Android App, only for older version of Android?

I started to use Dynalist recently and I like it very much. I started with Desktop app, and then I installed it on one of my family´s phone for them to use so that we can share documents, but when I tried to install it on my Android Samsung A51, I just could not find it in Google Play store!
So I thot, well, I can go to and then use the link for Google Play store there to send me directly to Play Store.

But I was completely surprised that it said “This app isn’t available for your device because it was made for an older version of Android.”

Will an updated version be uploaded soon?

Very strange that an app will only be available for older versions! I have seen where some apps would only be available for newer versions and that would make sense…

Here is the screenshot:

Thanks, any help would be appreciated

Workaround found. So I decided to find the APK for Dynalist and found and downloaded the APK file directly from there and was able to install it.
In case this will help somebody in the future.


Hi, which Android version is on your Android Samsung A51? I could install it on a few phones (for myself and my family members) which have pretty recent Android versions – e.g. mine is Android 13 (Mi 9 Lite with Evolution X ROM), other two were Android 13 (Redmi Note 12 4G / MIUI 14). I just installed Dyanlist from Play Store and I’m using it daily.

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Hi, thanks for your response! I currently have the Android version 13 as well

A lot of apps disappear from the play store when you’re on Android 13, and yes, sideloading the apk is the workaround.

It’s because they changed the security model a lot in android 13 meaning all apps need to be recompiled to be compliant, and to encourage this Google is hiding them in the store (even tho they work fine).

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same issue with Android 13. The workaround worked for me, thanks for the tip!