Android app crashes every time after opening

Steps to reproduce

  1. Opening the Dynalist app
  2. Waiting for the loader to finish loading and showing the list

Expected result

I can continue using the app.

Actual result

The app crashes. Even after selecting another list from the menu or selecting a random bullet. Every single time, when opening the app, after about 5-10 seconds the app crashes.


Google Pixel 2 phone
Android 10 / build QP1A / security patch 6 october 2019
Dynalist app version 1.3.7 (last update 7 nov)
No scripts.

Additional information

  • I did a Workflowy import recently…maybe it has to do something with that?
  • I am using the Google SSO (previously I also had an issue with this where I couldn’t log in, but this seems to be fixed now)

Additional comments

Crashing as in - the app quits with a popup saying it has crashed, correct?

My device is on Android 9 and I’m unable to reproduce this. May I suggest deleting app data/cache and re-login into the app, assuming you don’t have anything saved inside the app that isn’t synced to the website. Let me know if you’re seeing any results from that.

Anyone else (with Android 10) seeing this issue?

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Without result, I did the steps mentioned; cleared the data and cache, even removed the app and rebooted my phone.

Yes. The pop-up shows when I take an action inside the app. When I do nothing and the app just closes. When opening the app again, the Dynalist logo shows, the loader icon and…back into the same crashing cycle.

The same thing happens to me. I’ve uninstalled and cleared cache multiple times with no change. I’m on Android 8. In fact its been like this for over a year and it’s still happening. This is one main reason I’ve stopped using Dynalist for a while now… Want to come back to it but bug still there :((

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I’m on Android 11. Dynalist now crashes within 1-3 minutes of every single startup, Without fail. All you have to do is start it and wait. This makes Dynalist essentially unusable.