Android app can't login with Google

Steps to reproduce

  • Install the Dynalist Android App on a modern smartphone.
  • Start the app
  • Select Google as sign in option
  • Choose an account from the list

Expected result

I would expect to be able to login, and see my documents that were created before, using the browser on the desktop (also having done the login with the same google account)

Actual result

A white popup with an infinite spinner blocks the app (so obviously it’s not able to login).


Android the latest version with all patches on Galaxy S9. App was just install from the Play Store, so the latest.


Having the same Problem on a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Any chance someone can post a screenshot for this?

I have exactly the same issue on a Google Pixel 2 phone. It used to work, but it hasn’t for a month or two. I use Google OAuth to login to the web version without problem, but on the phone it doesn’t work:

  • in Dynalist app choose logon with Google Account
  • a Google page comes up to allow the Account to be selected
  • followed by white screen with infinite colored spinner.
    I will post a screenshot shortly.


Seems to be all on android, ok. I’ll investigate more.

What versions of android are you guys on? I’m testing on an Android 9 and it’s working just fine.

I have no idea why this is happening, but may I suggest deleting data/cache for the app and try again, or a full uninstall/reinstall? I doubt it’ll have an effect but perhaps worth a try nonetheless.

I’ve had the same problem - couldn’t log in with the Google account on Android. Running Dynalist v1.4.2 (latest). I had troubles with syncing - on the phone it won’t sync even if “Refresh” is hit, app forced to stop and started again, etc. This led me to reinstalling the app, and then I wasn’t even able to log in. So I just created a password (which is done in a somewhat weird way, by using “reset password”, not “set password”), and logged in successfully. Now I don’t have troubles with syncing, but I’m afraid it will break again :thinking:

That error only shows up when the app couldn’t connect to our servers. Had network been working, it would show a more meaningful error message for why Google Login didn’t succeed. Is there any chance the app may be restricted in network usage at all when you try it? That could also explain your sync issues.

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Well, I remember using Play Market (to look for a Dynalist update, of course :slightly_smiling_face:) and having problems with logging in at the same time, so the network should be ok, but I’m not sure. This happened for me for the first time using the app, so it’s quite possible a network issue or something. Thank you for a quick reply. I really enjoy using Dynalist and so far it’s the best note-taking app I’ve tried :blush:

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