Analytics on Dyanalist data

I like to count things (as a measure of productivity). Implemented a Python script to count items creation, modification and links in Dynalist.

If you guys would like to replicate, I can share a Colab notebook you can copy and use on your own.

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Yes please :). I love colab and have tried doing dynalist API stuff in python too, to not much success. Just delete your API key and document IDs and share, I should be able to figure it out from there.

Yes. Scrubbing and posting a copy shortly.
Edit: scrubbing turning out to be not as easy because I hard coded too many things like file names. Let me refactor.

I shared a Colab with @BigChungus to see if it works. If anyone else wants to replicate it - here you go

I haven’t played with it yet other than getting it to Run All and show a graph. But I did have to make a small edit to get it to Run All – Add a 4th variable here since it seems to expect 4 in the array below it. I only have 1 document total so I just put it on all 4.

MyDoc1 is just my document id

I am glad you figured out how to extract data and manipulate the document - I found that too hard to do myself - lots of useful code here.

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LOL. Dynalist and Colab have the same logo