An option to disable expanding for specific nodes

A simple suggestion here: “an option to disable expanding specific nodes”.

Note that it says specific nodes, this is not about a toggle for to disable expanding notes globally but only for specific notes.

Though, one may wonder how will this be practical? Say, if the node can’t be expanded:

1/ The node will not display its sub-content, which user will have to use zoom function.
2/ Prevents lag due to excessive amount of objects being displayed at once; same reason as above.
3/ Allows user to be able to create single large file for a single large project, given if display lag is eliminated off since there are not much objects being displayed at once.
4/ Also allows easier tag search function since every tag is in that same large single file which could be useful for large single projects.
5/ Locked nodes could act as a sub-file within the main file, as the user will have to use zoom in order to access.

If anyone thinks there are any flaws, feel free to point and I would revise & edit this suggestion.

I won’t argue with 1 and 4, but all others advantages can be easily achieved by using a simple link to a separate file that contains all the sub nodes you don’t want to see. And since you will never expand it in your “one big file”, there is simply not real reason to have them there. So no lags…

If would look something like:
Main project file
Other content…
[Node that should not be expanded](link to separate document)

Separate document
[Main project file](link to main file)

Also in such case Alt+<- and Alt±> shortcuts are your friends since they allow to move to prev and next document.

Oh, I forgot Dynalist internal link exists.