An editing Plugin?

Hi friends,
I’m new as a Dynalist user.
I find the tool generally interesting and intuitive. Though, there is a major setback for me: I didn’t find an editing option for the texts I write (like bold, italics, highlighting…).
I know that it is available using some codes; but I just want a very simple and automatic feature (or plugin) to do it, like in the other softwares.
Visually speaking, I prefer Dynalist over Obsidian for example; but to be able to continue with this software I really want this feature to be added.
I hope the developers can work at it soon.

Bold and italics hotkeys are here

Yes, I saw. But I’m asking if it is possible to to use Bold,italics, text size,and underline, without the keyboard shortcuts ? As a non-geek person, I prefer intuitive classic methods