An amazing android app for dynalist

Dear all,

Some of you will be aware of my stress at using Dynalist on android (particularly having to wait for load times for entering a simple to do item) and my rather overblown fall back of having an entire second phone dedicated to dynalist.

Well, I think one app I have found just blew the necessity for this entirely away. It’s called Flynx and it is a web browser which sits within in a facebook-messenger type chat head bubble on the side of your screen. The killer feature: as far as I can tell from a couple of hours of testing, it never seems to need to ‘reload’ dynalist - every time I open it up Dynalist is there happily waiting for me - somehow it keeps it within ram and is impervious to android’s obsessive desire to force everything into the background (I’m guessing the chat bubble and providing Flynx the ability to ‘overwrite’ the screen (which you will have to allow) does this. The upshot? Your whole dynalist account, at the side of your screen, available at a touch, any time. Another upshot? If you want to do some serious dynalist work you can open a main instance in e.g. the dynalist app and have your Flynx dynalist instance open on a different page… two dynalists and no reload! Ahhh …

The only quirk about Flynx is that you can’t open websites directly but have to ‘share’ the link with Flynx - this only matters for the initial setup because you can then save the page to Flynx afterwards and besides, why would you ever close it ever again?

Anyway, here’s the link, I hope it brings you as much joy as for me:


thanks bro

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Great find, thanks.

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