Amazon Alexa List Skill

Any plans to add Amazon Alexa Lists skill to allow verbal instructions and vocal content to add be added? For example adding vocal comments to existing notes or searching for items?

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Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately there’s no plan to integrate Alexa voice commands as for now.

We’ll see how many interest this feature request generates :slight_smile:

More than 10 million Alexa devices have been sold - a figure that is growing rapidly. Currently, there are only three default List skills. This is a massive opportunity. I would love to see Dynalist stealing a march here.

Hi @pottster,

I have no doubt Alexa devices are the leader in the smart speaker right now.

What I meant is that the percentage of Dynalist users who own and use an Alexa device is still small compared to the number of Dynalist users who uses an Android/iPhone (which I guess it’s pretty much all of them). With limited resources, integrating with something more Dynalist users use such as Slack would be a more rational choice. In fact, we haven’t done any integrations in a long time since we believe improving the core product is more important for now.

I hope that’s understandable! When Dynalist is more mature and we have more integrations, Alexa integration would definitely be considered more seriously.

I guess the point I was making was about marketing rather than integrations. You could look at it this way - this is effectively an appstore with 10 million plus users who only have three list making apps to choose from. You would either get a very large number of new users, or you would get a lot of very cheap advertising to raise product awareness. I do recognise how stretched you are; just didn’t want you to miss a possible golden opportunity.

I see what you mean and I understand your reasoning now.

Quick question: I did a quick search and this came up:

Am I looking at the wrong list of skills?

Some apps/integrations (or skills as Amazon calls them) are baked into the Amazon Alexa App. Others are available to link via the api. The apps currently listed within the Alexa App are, AnyList and Todoist. The list you linked to are the external skills. These external skills tend to be of low quality, often from novice coders. It’s a bit like the early days of the Play Store. The only exception in your list is Remember The Milk who used to be very big a few years ago but have now been supplanted by Todoist. I know you are new kids on the block but I would definitely approach Amazon directly to see what the chances are of getting on the Alexa App list. Failing that, I reckon they would fall over themselves to help you develop a quality skill. Amazon are throwing resources at growing the Alexa ecosystem currently. You might be surprised at the help you can get. Worth a try.

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