Always on top option for Desktop Apps

Basically if I want to take notes but dislike how multiwindow works, I can do so without having Dynalist hide in the background each time I click on another application.

Sort of like the on-screen keyboard.


Not sure if we need some kind of system privilege. Will take a look at what options we have.

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Thank you! I found a temporary solution in the meantime.

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Out curiosity, which method are you using? TurboTop?

Yes. It works on Windows 10.

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Sorry to revive this old thread, but I also would love to have this feature.

When multi-tasking it’s often handy to have a notepad that “floats” on top of other apps. For example, when working with something that you keep referencing (an essay plan; ID card number or ID of something you’re scripting).

Given how old this thread is, I’m guessing I’m in a very small minority! Though I’d just like to highlight a couple apps on Mac that do this:

  • Stickies (native Mac app that has the “float” option)
  • Quick Note (app store) is a menu bar app that floats by default
  • Scrawl is also a menu bar app that expands from the menu bar and stays until you dismiss it.

Anyway, I find myself using “Stickies” and transferring information I want to retain into Dynalist at the end of the day … but having floating windows would be great.

Reasons why having this in Dynalist would be useful:

  • Not having to store data in multiple places
  • Stickies and other apps generally don’t save to the cloud
  • Dynalist looks great (Stickies formatting is pretty terrible)
  • I’d be able to hover my to-do list
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