Always On Checkboxes

I would love if Dynalist would add the ability to Always have checkboxes in child nodes. Right now, if I have a parent node and choose “add checkbox to children” it works great, but if I want to check off all items in the children nodes, then make more, I have to go back to that parent node (after I make a child node) and again select "“add checkbox to children.” Let me provide an example:

Todo List:
-Ex 1
–Ex 1.1
-Ex 2
–Ex 2.1
-Ex. 3
–Ex. 3.1
—Ex. 3.3.1
-Ex 4
–Ex 4.1

In this example of a weekly todo list, if I use this often, I would hope to complete all tasks each day, but if complete all parent and subtasks and leave the days of the week, in order to build out my new day/week, I have to go into each day and select “add checkbox to children” for each day.

Would be nice to have a way to default all child tasks to have a checklist, even after all child tasks have been completed.

Thank you Dynalist Team, your app is awesome!!!

Of note: for anyone else who is interested in this, one work around is to have the parent node be “Week” and set “add checkbox to children,” then do days of the week below as checklists. The issue here is that it’s easy to accidently check off a day of the week.

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