Alt-Click search bar tag term to remove from search bar

I am a heavy search bar and tag user. I have trouble with the following scenario;

  1. search for a tag (e.g. #Important). The search bar shows, “#Important
  2. the results bring up content that is relevant to my search (e.g. everything that I have tagged as #Important)
  3. within this content I want to click on another tag (e.g. @John)
  4. the search then filters the existing tag (#Important) with those showing the new tag (@John) - (e.g. the search bar shows “#Important #John”)
  5. I don’t want this. Now that I have found a note with @John also has an #Important tag, I now want to find all tags with @John in the document
  6. To achieve this, I now need to physically delete #Important in the search bar while keeping @John there
  7. I would rather Alt-Click #Important in the search bar so only @John showed. Much easier UI/UX