Allowing Tab in shortcut customization

Hi guys,

Can I please ask for allowing to use Tab key to be assigned to some other special function other than default (indenting)? Currently custom-set user shortcuts require some modifier, while by default indenting can be done by just pressing Tab. However, if I’d like to use Tab for something else, currently I can’t.

Please see more info in discussion below: Keep our fingers on the keyboard


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Just bumping it to see if there’s any feedback from the dev team? I wonder if it’s a big issue to allow at least Tab to be used without modifier?

Basically, I come from orgmode background, and Tab is used for opening/collapsing an item. Orgmode is very popular across Linux users. Identing is done via Alt+ and Alt+. It would really be great if I can replicate that behavior on Dynalist, however currently even premium version does not allow it, because it strictly forces me to use a modifier for every new shortcut.

There’s a chance that allowing orgmode-style keymap will make the transition more bearable for users with orgmode background, who want more modern, cross-device experience, which Dynalist could be candidate for.

While it might be a nice feature to have, seems not very many people are backing it up. So instead you could look for software that allows to customize keyboard input?

Unfortunately that might happen :/. I guess not too many Org-Mode fans have found Dynalist yet.

Too bad because it really shouldn’t be a really big job to pull off (as custom shortcuts are there - it’s just the Tab key which is excluded from the ones I could use). I’d be happy to tip a developer and PM if they would be able to make it happen :).