Allow no dot empty space between clusters of text

currently, when you hit enter it leaves a “.” suppose we want to work on clusters. 6 lines for first cluster, empty space, then next cluster of 10 lines, empty space. helps us separate thought paragraphs

Concept: Shift + Enter jumps to next line with no “dots”, would like to be able to Shift + Tab from there to new line so there is empty space between “Boxes” or "Idea clusters"


Hi, thanks for your help, but I don’t get the same results as above, after the space, the letters are smaller and there are no dots in front

By default, shift+Enter create note for item.
Use Alt+Enter to create multi-lines item.

Thanks for your help, but that doesn’t work.
I’m looking to put a space with not dots between groups of thoughts-but each group then has dots

You need to get out of Note mode to add more bullets again.

Yeah, please do Shift+Enter again to break out of the note field.

Thanks for your help. Issue resolved.

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Thanks for your help